The Cathedral School Boarders’ Final Dinner on Tuesday 15 November was a spectacular event – As it is every year!  The decorations and theme is discussed, selected, planned, and purchased by Year 11 group, who always do an amazing job.

By Jock Walker-Campbell – Head of Boarding

The evening is run by Year 12 who MC the evening and present speeches to the various Boarding and Support staff.  The dinner is always of the very best of everything the Year 12s can imagine – Thank you to our dedicated Catering Staff in the Kitchen for putting it all together in Gourmet Restaurant style!

A big congratulations to the 2023 Boarding Captains:

Billy Hood
Makenzii Fromberg
Tyrell RowRow Logan Muller
Josh Murphy  Ella Taumafai
Pierson Hickmott Meg Atkinson
…and then the four perpetual Shield Awards

Sister Alice & Bishop John Oliver Feetham Service to Boarding for students who have made a substantial and positive contribution to the Boarding community by actively engaging and uniting students across our diverse range of cultures and personalities.

Middle School Boy Boarder Lewis Daniels (Year 9)
Middle School Girl Boarder Emily Cook (Year 9)
Senior School Boy Boarder Billy Hood (Year 11)
Senior School Girl Boarder Taylor Holmes (Year 11)

Congratulations to these students who have consistently kept up their efforts to strengthen our community, we are very proud of your efforts.

Thank you to Jo Duncan for the photography.

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