The Townsville City Council recently invited local schools to participate in the Schools National Tree Day 2021. The purpose was to help improve urban habitat and biodiversity in the Townsville area.

The schools were invited to Riverway to be presented with a participation certificate as well as receiving all the necessary equipment involved in planting the native trees and grasses. Each school was provided with ten local native plant saplings including TerraCottem Physical Soil Conditioner, Gardening Kit (this includes gloves and garden tools), and a tree planting and maintenance information package. The school will also get up to 10m2 of fine organic mulch delivered to the school.
The Sustainable Guardians were keen to participate in National Tree Day as this is a focus of the group; to improve the environment and encourage native wildlife in the school grounds. The maintenance and planting of these plants will be under the supervision of the Sustainable Guardians. To find out more visit the Townsville City Council website.

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