My name is Molly Gysberts and I’m a year 11 student. Last Saturday, the 23rd of April I attended the annual Townsville United Nations Youth Conference at James Cook University.

This year the two-day conference was centred around the topic of security. All delegates were challenged and asked what they thought security was and how we can then implement this into society.

On day one students were split into various workshop groups and participated in activities. Each session was focused on different areas of security:
– What is security on an international and national level?
– Climate security
– International warfare and weaponisation of nations in relation to wealth
– Crisis point of climate action

Day two was a mock UN debate with each student allocated a certain country. I was Ghana. Each debate was centred around security and how your country could achieve this when approached in different scenarios.

Molly Gysberts, Year 11

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