As the Year 12s complete their final exams and enter their last week of secondary school, the students begin to reflect on their time at Cathedral and imagine a future quite different to what they have known for the past 13 years.
Most will have a good idea of what they plan to pursue, whether it’s further education, training, employment, or maybe a gap year. For those that don’t, it’s comforting to know that statistics suggest the future is promising.

Year 12 Completers Survey

Each year the Department of Education (QLD Government) conducts a survey, approximately six months after the students complete Year 12. The Year 12 Completers Survey explores post-school destinations covering Education/Training and Employment. The results from The Cathedral School Year 12s of 2019 place the school above average on a State level when it comes to post-school engagement.

How does The Cathedral School compare?

2019 Post-School Destinations (The Cathedral School)

Main Destination for The Cathedral School graduates in 2021

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