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The Cathedral School’s Future Boarders Outreach Program is offered to small schools throughout rural and remote Queensland. Our focus is on engaging students from rural and remote locations as well as those from Indigenous backgrounds. 

We work closely with our boarding community (families, teachers and current/past boarders) to understand the unique challenges facing students in transitioning to boarding school. The program delivers creative, hands-on, and fun-filled workshops that showcase the opportunities available at secondary school and in boarding, to remove students fear and uncertainty and build their confidence and enthusiasm.


  • Engage students in informative, practical, and inspiring workshops relating to secondary and boarding school
  • Empower future boarders to transition to secondary and boarding school with confidence
  • Connect with communities in rural and remote locations
  • Adaptable to varied class sizes and the interests and abilities of students from Kindergarten through to Year 6
  • Provides classroom teachers an opportunity for non-contact time
2024 Program Outline
    • Introduce students to the variety of subjects in Secondary Schooling
    • Overview of how a secondary school timetable works
    • Sample a secondary school subject in a fun-filled activity
    • Provide a virtual reality tour of secondary school classrooms and a boarding dormitory

    The program will require up to an hour of class time.

We are isolated in many ways. We don’t have the opportunities to prepare our students for senior schooling like the primary schools in town.

The Cathedral School is passionate about supporting small schools to prepare their students for the transition to secondary and boarding school.

The workshops are lead by The Cathedral School Outreach team of 2 or 3 staff. Classroom teachers and staff are welcome to participate, observe or make the most of the non-teaching time.

This program is really valuable for our students in breaking down the fear of the unknown when it comes to boarding school.


Participating Schools in 2022


Participating Students in 2022

If you would like to schedule a time for your students to participate please contact our Registrar, Jane Passmore:
(07) 4722 2000 or email: registrar@cathedral.qld.edu.au