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Median ATAR
of 90
(vs. State average of 79)

ATAR 99+:

40% of all subject results were A’s

80% of all subject results were A’s and B’s

High-level STEM subject results*:
52% A’s.
85% A’s & B’s

* Engineering, Chem, Physics, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths

“Congratulations to our Year 12 Graduates of 2022 for their remarkable ATAR results. Their results were absolutely outstanding and the most impressive we have seen at The Cathedral School.

We commend the 2022 Year 12s on their efforts, positivity, and support of each other throughout their schooling and thank them for a wholehearted approach to their studies and trust in our teaching staff. We also acknowledge the essential contribution of our outstanding teachers and dedicated parents whose support of these graduates has been vital. It is important to recognise the 2022 Year 12s for their commitment to achieving personal bests in their studies, the incredible breadth of contribution to the School’s extracurricular programs they provided, and their inspired leadership of younger students. They have set a marvelous example for the younger students who will follow in their footsteps.

‘I can report that we have an amazing seven students whose ATARs are greater than 99, and the median ATAR score for the cohort was an astonishing 90. Alongside our excellent ATARs, 54 members of the graduating class also received 71 Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications; with several students awarded at least two certificates.’

The 2022 Year 12 Graduates have now received their university offers for 2023, with 80% of students receiving their first choice of course. We are also aware that several graduates have received substantial scholarship offers from universities across Queensland.

Congratulations to our Graduating Class!”

Ian Gamack

At Cathedral, we recognise our students as individuals.

We identify their unique strengths and interests and create study paths for each of our senior students that reflect this. Importantly, we uncover their intrinsic motivators and set them on a course towards post-school endeavors that will inspire work ethic, spark interest, and bring joy.

A few statistics from our 2022 graduates…

Median ATAR

Top ATAR Score


1st Preference University Offers


VET Qualified Students
  • The Cathedral School Median ATAR^ (2022) = 90 90% 90%
  • Queensland State Median ATAR^ (2022) = 79 79% 79%

At Cathedral we believe ‘life-long success’ begins with a well-rounded education that develops the whole person and an attitude to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Our graduates leave school with far more than academic knowledge, they leave having developed an ability to dance, sing, play sports, to be successful, and continue to learn.

Our satisfaction comes from seeing our students graduate with confidence, connections, and a happy heart!

Success looks different for each student. We celebrate our diversity of graduate outcomes.

Some of our top ATAR-ranked students, including school Dux Nicholas Pang (second from left). Nicholas was one of seven students in the class of 2022, receiving an ATAR above 99.^
Left to Right: Michelle Cox, Nicholas Pang, Catherine Maher, Xavier Hood, Madeleine Wallace, Jonathan Cavallo, Georgia Brown, Ashton Pratchett, & Abigail Cox.

^ Based on reportable data

Case Studies:

Highlighting the diversity of pathways from some of our 2022 Graduates.

Nicholas Pang

General English, Math Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of Medicine + Bachelor of Surgery at JCU.

School Dux  – Class of 2022.

Michelle Cox

General English, Math Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Japanese.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of Engineering + Bachelor of Arts at The University of QLD.

Charlize Appleton

General English, Math Methods, Geography, Legal Studies, Accounting, Diploma of Business.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of Commerce at JCU.

Nathan Wright

General English, General Maths, Drama, Visual Arts, Cert III in Business, Cert II and Cert III in Music Industry at TCTC.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of Music at the University of Tasmania.

Tehgan Gee

General English, General Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Modern History.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of International Relations at Bond University on Scholarship.

Hamish Finlayson

General English, Math Methods, Modern History, Accounting, Digital Solutions, Cert II and III in Information, Digital Media and Technology, and Cert III in Information Technology.

Currently Studying:
Bachelor of Computer Science at The University of QLD.

Ryan Gillies

Essential English, Essential Maths, Geography, Furnishing Skills, Cert II in Automotive Vocational Pathways, Cert II in Engineering, Cert III in Aviation (Drone), Cert III in Business.

Current Focus:
Entering a Trade.

Jessica Whitehead

General English, General Maths, Psychology, Cert II and Cert III in Business, Cert III in Hospitality through a traineeship with the North QLD Cowboys, Cert III in Aviation (Drone).

Current Focus:
Entering employment in Real Estate.

At The Cathedral School, we believe that a well-rounded education begins with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Join Cathedral for a transformative educational journey where great NAPLAN results are just the beginning. We're not just educating for the test; we're educating for life-long success.
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