Exercise Puk Puk

Exercise Puk Puk

Earlier this year, Junior School families donated books and school supplies to be sent to two schools on Manus Island. The boxes of supplies were presented to Special Purpose Receiver Towns and Lance Corporal MacDonald from the 25th Squadron, by the school Defence Club students.

As part of ‘Exercise Puk Puk’, the Australian Army sent the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment to Lobrum Primary School, and Papitalai Secondary School to undertake much-needed renovations and deliver the donated school supplies.

‘Exercise Puk Puk’ is an annual engineering exercise involving military personnel from Papua New Guinea, Australia, the UK, and other partner nations.

The video above was recently sent to The Cathedral School, to thank the students and families for supporting young students on Manus.

Boarders’ Final – Class of 2023

Boarders’ Final – Class of 2023

It was another excellent Boarder’s Final dinner, celebrating another year in Boarding at Cathedral, and saying farewell to the Class of 2023 Boarding Graduates. The Year 11s worked together as a team to make the event happen – setting up, serving, decorating, and creating the programs. Congratulations to the Boarding Graduates and 2023 award winners.

2023  Boarding Awards

2024 Boarding Captain’s

Eric Bond-Cottis & Isabella Abdy
Parker Hood & Zoe Goodwin
Max O’Connell & Keira Young

Shield Awards

Motivation for Service Award Shields
This award considers students who have made a substantial and positive contribution to the boarding community by actively engaging and uniting students across our diverse range of cultures and personalities.

Middle School Boy Boarder
Bishop John Oliver Feetham Service to Boarding in recognition of their contribution to Boys Boarding.

Zac Walker – Year 9

Middle School Girl Boarder
Sister Alice Service to Boarding in recognition of their contribution to Girls Boarding.

Ashley Whitehead – Year 9

Senior School Boy Boarder
Bishop John Oliver Feetham Service to Boarding in recognition of their contribution to Boys Boarding.

Nathan Whitehead – Year 11

Senior School Girl Boarder
Sister Alice Service to Boarding in recognition of their contribution to Girls Boarding.

Zoe Goodwin – Year 11

The Ian & Diana Gamack Prize for the Best All-Round Year 12 Girl & Boy Boarder is awarded to the students who are the best all-rounders in terms of academics, leadership, citizenship, and pastoral care within the context of boarding. This prize recognizes the special demands placed on students living away from home. These awards will be announced at the Senior School Presentation Night.

Thank you to Jo Duncan, Amanda Clarke, and Tom Porter for the photography.

Remembrance Day 2023

Remembrance Day 2023

The Cathedral School is proud of its strong connection to the Defence community and is privileged to have Cathedral parent Major Paul Garth of the 5th Aviation Regiment as a guest speaker at our Remembrance Day services.

Paul’s children Chelsea (Year 3) and Liam (Year 1) are part of the Junior School Defence Club, which was responsible for creating the magnificent display at the entrance of Heatley House. Each poppy colour represents a unique aspect of Remembrance Day; Red, a memorial to World War I and following conflicts; White, remembering people who died in conflict with a focus on an end to war; Purple, remembering animal victims of war; and Black, commemorating the contributions of black, African and Carribean communities to the war effort – as servicemen and servicewomen, and as civilians.

Major Paul spoke about the ultimate sacrifice made by those who have fallen, and another great sacrifice of time being spent away from family – in reflection of his extended service in the Afghanistan conflict.

We thank all of those who currently serve, and remember those we have lost in conflict.

Lest we forget.

Dance Concert 2023

Dance Concert 2023

The annual Dance Concert was another successful event showcasing the exceptional talents of the students in the Dance program at The Cathedral School. This year Miss Suzie gave some students the opportunity to choreograph and perform solo’s which did not disappoint! The audience was captivated by every student who took to the stage and we thank the SLAB crew for their impressive lighting displays.

A big thank you to Jo Duncan for her stunning photography.

Congratulations must also go to the students who received awards on the evening:

The Cathedral School JS Dancer of the Year – Frankie
The Cathedral School MS Dancer of the Year – Olivia
The Cathedral School SS Dancer of the Year – Alysha M. (Pictured Above).
The Cathedral School Outstanding Dedication and Effort to Dance – Chloe T.

View some of the highlights in the gallery below.

Photography by Jo Duncan.

Football Academy Cup

Football Academy Cup

Cathedral Vs EFA – Development Cup

What a thrilling day of football it has been at the Edds Football Academy Vs Cathedral Development Cup! We witnessed incredible talent, intense matches, and sportsmanship that truly showcased the spirit of the game.
🥇 Year 3/4 Category:
The day kicked off with the Year 3/4 teams competing in 6 rounds of group games. EFA Red dominated the field, finishing with an impressive 14 points. Cathedral Green secured the second spot with 8 points, narrowly edging out Cathedral Orange by just 1 point. In the grand final, it was an exhilarating match between EFA Red and Cathedral Green, with Cathedral Green emerging victorious and claiming the title.
🥈 Year 5/6 Category:
Next up, the Year 5/6 teams took the field for their 6 group rounds. EFA demonstrated their prowess by finishing at the top of the group, securing a place in the grand final. However, it was a nail-biting battle in the second-last game between EFA Black and Cathedral Orange, as both teams finished the group rounds with 9 points. The fate of who would advance came down to goal difference, with EFA Black narrowly edging out Cathedral Orange by just 1 goal. In a closely contested grand final, EFA Black emerged as the winners, securing a hard-fought victory with a 3-2 scoreline.
🏅 Year 7/8 Category:
In the Year 7/8 category, the teams showcased immense skill and determination throughout the day. After an intense round of group matches, the final spot came down to a thrilling showdown between Cathedral and EFA Black. In an exhilarating game, Cathedral triumphed, earning their place in the grand final. However, it was EFA Red who ultimately claimed victory, emerging as the champions of the Year 7/8 category.
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the EFA Vs Cathedral Development Cup. The day as always was filled with outstanding performances, teamwork, and a true display of sportsmanship. Each and every player exhibited their passion for the game and their dedication to their respective teams.
Special thanks go to the referees, coaches, parents, and supporters who cheered on the teams and contributed to the electric atmosphere. Your unwavering support and encouragement created an unforgettable tournament experience.
Congratulations to all the teams who took part in the cup! Your hard work, resilience, and commitment were evident in every match played.
Once again, thank you to everyone involved, We look forward to more exciting competitions in the future.

Luke Baills – Head of Junior School

Sounds Of Celebration 2023

Sounds Of Celebration 2023

The annual Concert & Music Awards evening was another spectacular visual and auditory event, celebrating the exceptional music program at The Cathedral School. The event commenced with an electrifying all-band medley, featuring Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ seamlessly transitioning into ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille, leaving the audience awestruck by the astounding talents of the music students and the impressive lighting display crafted by the SLAB crew.

View some of the highlights in the gallery below.

Photography by Jo Duncan and Matt Scully.

Thank you to our outgoing Music Captains and Leaders – Austin, Somer, Toby, and Sheanah – for hosting the Celebrations.  Congratulations also must go to all students who received awards on the evening, especially to those below who received major awards.

Maestro Award for Junior School: Daniel  

Maestro Award for Middle School: Gabrielle

Maestro Award for Senior School: Austin

Bel Canto Award for Junior School: Bronte

Bel Canto Award for Middle School: Sheanah

Bel Canto Award for Senior School: Cadence

Crescendo Award for Junior School: Maya      

Crescendo Award for Middle School: Joshua

Viribus in Adversis Award: Somer

Artiste Award for Senior School: Owen