School Of The Year Nominee

School Of The Year Nominee

The Junior School has been nominated in the Star 106.3 ‘School Of The Year’ award for 2023. Voting is open until June 7.

The school with the most votes will win $10,000 to enhance its capabilities and facilities for its students and community. The Cathedral School plans to create an ‘Eco-Wonder Pod’ if successful.

‘The Junior School ‘Eco-Wonder Pod’ Initiative will promote holistic child development by providing a safe and stimulating environment.  It will encourage outdoor exploration, sensory engagement, and imaginative play, fostering physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. This portable and versatile solution will offer our students educational value, encourage sustainability, and promote a deeper connection with nature. The POD will consist of bamboo lengths, vines, large leaves, twigs, sticks and other natural environment items to encourage imaginative play at break time. Star 106.3FM is giving $10,000 to one lucky Townsville primary school to enhance its capabilities and facilities for its students and community.  The Junior School has been lucky enough to be nominated and we need your help to make the ‘Eco-Wonder Pod’ happen. 

Come on The Cathedral School Community we need your help!’

P&F Carnival Dodgers Winners

P&F Carnival Dodgers Winners

The Cathedral School’s P&F Carnival ‘Dodgers’ winners have been announced. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to the sponsors for donating the amazing prizes.
P&F Dodgers Prize Winners List 2023

Drawn 19 May 2023

1          4840     L Tapp
2          9767     L Bullimore
3          6352     A Holmkvist
4          6183     J Voevodin
5          3078     D Simpson
6          10682   L Jones
7          4793     K Horton
8          5654     J Akroyd
9          8009     W Furber
10        2101     D Pratchett
11        5960     Sue & Andrew
12        6749     J Gander
13        7309     J Brabon
14        3246     J Chandler
15        4069     W Gordon
16        8585     M Olditch
17        5167     L Hamilton
18        3259     S Calder
19        4676     F McGill
20        10261   L Brophey
21        10276   B Brophey
22        10252   Munro Family
23        0048     G De Silva
24        10371   D Borer
25        2153     E Fennamore
26        4665     A Edgerton
27        8712     N Rogers
28        7645     R Dawes
29        10052   D Kennedy

30        0138     M Hilleard
31        7845     H McCullagh
32        3897     K Hodda
33        6750     H Gander
34        7468     J Bragg
35        8708     L Sullivan
36        7637     W Rose
37        6835     J Willis
38        10130   L Antoney
39        4680     F McGill
40        9870     D Hill
41        9002     M Kilcullen
42        6993     K Gold
43        0486     H Kelly
44        7842     H McCullagh
45        9387     Wellsmore Family
46        2609     J Griffiths
47        5721     D Hodge
48        9331     E Fooks
49        3689     E French
50        6116     M Perkins
51        10025   R Speers
52        4321     S Butler
53        1920     A Wise
54        6328     C Martin
55        5904     J Doyle
56        6360     S Williams
57        1233     J Kidner

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to The Cathedral School for 2023! For some it will be a whole new journey, for others, a chance to reconnect with friends and teachers.

Parents would have received their 2023 P&F Calendar which has the feature events and important dates of the year. The digital calendars will soon be replaced with an updated notification system through eCat, so please refer to the printed calendar for planned events.

Many would have also received communications from the school highlighting the amazing achievement of the graduates of 2022 with impressive ATAR results.

“I can report that we have an amazing seven students whose ATARs are greater than 99, and the median ATAR score for the cohort was an astonishing 89.65 (i.e., 50% of our students received a score above 89.65). Alongside our excellent ATARs, 54 members of the graduating class also received 71 Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications; with several students awarded at least two certificates. The 2022 Year 12 Graduates have now received their university offers for 2023, with over 76% of students receiving their first choice of course. We are also aware that several graduates have received substantial scholarship offers from universities across Queensland.”

Principal Ian Gamack


Monday 23 January, 2023

  • Boarders’ Travel Day
  • Staff PD Day
  • The School Locker Outlet Open 8am – 4pm
  • Music Rehearsal Day 8:30am – 3pm (Instrumental Ensembles)
  • P&F Second-Hand Uniform Store Open 9am – 2:30pm: St Mary’s
  • Boarders’ Lunch 12:30pm Dining Hall
  • New Boarding Parents’ Support Meeting 1pm: Dining Hall
  • New International Student Orientation 1pm
  • Junior School New Student Orientation 2-3pm: Wonder Hub
  • Senior School New Student Orientation 2-3pm: Lecture Theatre
  • Middle School New Student Orientation 3-4pm: Lecture Theatre
  • Boarding Family BBQ 6pm: Rock Centre

Tuesday 24 January, 2023 – First Day of TERM 1

  • Kindy-Yr12 Start 8:30am (Kindy Blue Sports Uniform, Prep-Yr 3 Check Uniform, Yr4-Yr12 Formal Uniform)
  • Prep-Yr12 Combined School Service 9:30am