Senior School Presentation Night 2022

Senior School Presentation Night 2022

The Year 10, 11, and 12 students and families gathered at the Rock Centre on November 17 for the Senior School Presentation evening, including special guests, the Very Reverend Dr. Kenneth Lay, and Mr. Daniel Christie, Chairman of The Cathedral School Board.
Photography by Jo Duncan.
Sports Awards 2022

Sports Awards 2022

The Middle and Senior School celebrated the year in sport with the annual Sports Awards assembly in the Rock Centre. 

Head of Sport, John Rauch acknowledged the increasing diversity of sports at The Cathedral School and the high level of success and representation by Cathedral students on a local, state, and national level, both within the school program and independently. Congratulations to all students, staff, and families who have dedicated their time and commitment to their sport and balancing this with other school curricula.

Interhouse Musicals & Instrumentals

Interhouse Musicals & Instrumentals

This years Interhouse Musicals & Instrumentals proved to be another success with some outstanding performances by each house. It was great to have the support of parents and friends back in the Rock Centre after previous restrictions due to Covid in recent years. Congratulations to Langton for taking out the Instrumentals and to More with their fantastic musical ‘A Trip to Wonderland’.

1st Place – 183 points – Langton with Music from Frozen
2nd Place – 179 points – More
3rd Place – 163 points – Bede and Chatham (tie)
1st Place – 185 points – More with A Trip to Wonderland
2nd Place – 178 points – Langton
3rd Place – 163 points – Chatham 
4th place – 160 points – Bede
A huge thank you to: 
Kevin Wright and Tony Woodhouse for adjudication.
Father Tim and the SLAB team for all of their time and effort in creating a polished evening.
Kellie Rich and the instrumental staff for all of the work and support of the students.
HoHs and teachers for their guidance and support in rehearsals.
The students and organisers of each performance; the talent was superb and all should be proud of themselves. 
Jo Duncan for the photography.
Moot Court

Moot Court

For students interested in pursuing a career in law, the opportunity to gain ‘real-world’ court experience is impossible. Staging a ‘Moot Court’ provides an insight into the workings of a trial with an expert guiding the students through the process, and offering valuable feedback at the conclusion.

It was a privilege to have Greg Cudmore – Author, and retired teacher, at The Cathedral School mentoring our Year 11 students through their first ever ‘Moot Court’.

Thank you also to the students from St Anthony’s Catholic College and St. Margaret Mary’s College for their contribution as jury.

Living with RHD

Living with RHD

by Carcia Nallajar


‘Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) and Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) are heart diseases that are caused by the Streptococcus A virus. They cause inflammation of the valves in the heart. Unfortunately, it is extremely common within the indigenous community. It can also be caused by poor hygiene and overcrowding of households. It is a broad issue within indigenous populations as it is contagious and it can be contracted via the above causes which are common in indigenous communities. The treatment of both these diseases is either monthly bicillin injections or daily doses of bicillin tablets. The other, more extreme option is open-heart surgery.

I have had Rheumatic Heart Disease for the past ten years. I was diagnosed at the age of eight years old. I will have monthly bicillin injections until I am 21 years of age, then I will stop having the injections. I visit the Townsville University Hospital to have yearly consultations with my cardiac doctor and to have yearly ultrasounds of my heart to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I have changed my outlook toward my disease as I now view it as a blessing in disguise, as it has taken me to different and exciting places and I have met many amazing people along the way. I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge along the journey.

I have managed my disease to the best of my ability over the past ten years. I understand the risks, as I have lost a close family member of mine from a heart-related issue. It is common in my family’s medical history. It has definitely been hard throughout this past decade but I endure the pain so that I can lead a long and healthy life.

I recently met Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’ath at a media conference at The Townsville University Hospital in Term 2. I got a chance to share my story with her and thank her for donating funding to the Cardiac Ward at the hospital. I also spoke in front of everyone that attended the conference to tell them about myself, to thank the amazing doctors for their work, and to thank the minister. In 2021 I also had the privilege to attend the national symposium for RHD which was held at The Ville hotel in Townsville. I listened to some of the best cardiovascular doctors in Queensland and I asked questions to further my knowledge and understanding of my disease. I was also invited on stage to speak about my disease with my Cardiac doctor, Doctor Andre White. My disease has taken me to great lengths and will continue to do so.

I think it is extremely important to educate people on the effects of ARF and RHD as they are common diseases.

I would encourage everyone to take five minutes out of their day to read about the symptoms and early signs of ARF and RHD, and to learn how to prevent it and what to do if you are diagnosed with the disease. It is also important to get scans to check if you have the disease.

I am really passionate about the cause and cannot encourage people enough to educate themselves on these diseases and to have regular checkups.’

Continued support for RHD at Cathedral

The involvement at Cathedral in raising support and awareness for RHD stems back to 2021, with students and school nurse Renee Neilson donating 60 packs for RHD patients at the hospital. The packs included vital health and hygiene resources to combat illnesses such as strep throat, rheumatic fever, and rheumatic heart disease.

Clinical Nurse Consultant for Rheumatic Heart Disease (Paediatrics), Felicity Dennis, is also a Cathedral School parent. Felicity is the sole nurse for the Townsville region caring for children aged 4-17 years, and the adolescent and young adult group. Felicity helps school nurses, GPs, and Primary health care centres to manage children with the disease – and care coordinates and case manages children and their families to navigate the health care system after diagnosis.

To find out more about RHD and ARF visit RHD Australia

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Middle & Senior School Athletics Carnival 2022

The Middle and Senior School students enjoyed another beautiful winter’s day at the ‘Red-Track’ competing in the 2022 Interhouse Athletics Carnival. Organising 600+ students at an external school event is something that John Rauch and the supporting staff make look effortless, and they should be congratulated on another successful sports carnival.

Photographer: Jo Duncan

House Championship Results
1st – BEDE (872pts) 1st – BEDE (692pts)
2nd – MORE (870pts) 2nd – MORE (468pts)
3rd – CHATHAM (805pts) 3rd – LANGTON (430pts)
4th – LANGTON (659pts) 4th – CHATHAM (384pts)
Age Champions
AGE 1st 2nd
12 GIRL Jillian McCauley – Bede – 24pts Emma McMahon – More – 18pts
12 BOY Kolby Walters – Bede – 18pts Marley Milbourne – More – 17pts
13 GIRL Lily Johnston – Chatham & Mia Clive – Bede – 23pts Hannah Pollock – Langton – 19pts
13 BOY Dale Humphreys – Chatham – 26pts Patrick Wheeler – Langton – 18pts
14 GIRL Keira Wallace – More – 22pts Halle Burgers – Chatham – 19pts
14 BOY Jeshua Cronje – More – 23pts Hamish Wright – Chatham – 19pts
15 GIRL Sophie Davis – Bede – 29pts Shaquana Castors – Chatham – 28pts
15 BOY Zane Bethel – Chatham – 28pts Jack Strevens – Langton – 27pts
16 GIRL Ashley Tengbom – Bede – 28pts Janae Pearce – Chatham – 19pts
16 BOY Dugald Cox – Bede – 19pts Joshua Tonkin – Chatham – 17pts
17 GIRL Zoe Rebgetz – More & Grace Abdy – Bede – 25pts Madeline Wallace – More – 16pts
17 BOY Jonathan Cavallo – More – 21pts Daniel Keough – Bede – 19pts
18 GIRL Savanah Wilshire – Bede – 26pts Sarah Scobie – More – 23pts
18 BOY Jacob Nielsen – Chatham – 24pts Will Chambers – More – 23pts