Every organisation needs rules and policies to govern its day-to-day operations.

In a school, it is important that everybody understands the expectations of behaviour and the manner in which issues should be dealt with. This enables staff, students and parents, to have confidence that procedures will be consistent and transparent.

At Cathedral, the School Board is responsible for formulating and reviewing policies. The Principal and staff use these policies as a framework or set of guidelines within which to operate. 

School Governance

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

The School utilises a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system which is in operation 24 hours per day. The purpose of CCTV is to ensure a safe and secure work and learning environment. Cameras are located externally within the Junior, Middle and Senior School and internally and externally within the Early Learning Centre. Signage is in place to advise visitors, staff and students that cameras are in operation. Recordings may be used to assist in responding to complaints, aid in the investigation of incidents and misconduct, detect crime and reduce the likelihood of theft or damage to school assets. The school’s CCTV Policy is available upon request.

Student Protection

The Cathedral School supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of students.  The Cathedral School is committed to responding to allegations of student harm resulting from the conduct or actions of any person including that of employees. Please refer to the school’s Student Protection Manual for further information.

This commitment includes the provision of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for all students and requires all employees, volunteers and visitors to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of students from harm.

Behaviour Management

Complaint Management

The Cathedral School recognises that an effective complaints management system will improve school services. The school welcomes all forms of feedback, including complaints, on its services and products. If you have any feedback or a complaint that you wish to report, please fill out the below complaint form. Complaints will be handled in accordance with the school’s Complaint Management Procedure.

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