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The Early Learning Centre incorporating Kindergarten is an integral part of The Cathedral School’s commitment to providing children with the best possible environment in which to explore, learn and grow.

Children from 6 weeks to Kindergarten are able to participate in age-appropriate programs under the watchful eye of professional and caring staff. With an emphasis on learning through play and positive social interactions with peers, children begin developing the framework for a life-long educational journey.

We would like to say thank you to the Wulgurukaba people
for letting us share your land. We promise to look after it,
the animals, and people too.

Philosophy Statement

Our vision is to be the benchmark of excellence in early childhood education and care. We encourage and guide children to become independent life-long learners through engagement of high-quality, developmentally appropriate educational programs – delivered in partnership with families by compassionate, dedicated, and qualified staff in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.

Learning Together

Being a Babies to Year 12 educational campus, we value the importance of learning as a community and in developing life-long learners. We acknowledge that children come to us as competent learners with diverse knowledge and experience, and encourage their contributions to the program, their learning, and the environment.

We provide opportunities for all children to develop a love of learning and a sense of wonder through play experiences that spark curiosity and a desire to know more. This is aided by the collaboration of children and staff throughout the school community, as well as our parents and families.

Our Centre follows the Walker Learning Approach alongside the Junior School to strengthen our program, and to provide continuity of learning from the Early Learning Centre to the school. We encourage families to share their talents and expertise to support the quality learning experiences already available to the children.

Working Together

We acknowledge that families are a child’s first teacher, and we value and respect families’ contributions, perspectives and input to our Centre.

We strive to develop and maintain positive connections with families through open and honest communication and collaboration, and use family feedback to continually improve and add value to our Service.

We value teamwork here at the Cathedral Early Learning Centre, and foster this amongst our children and staff.

Supporting One Another

Our program focusses on creating strong relationships between children, staff, and families to provide a personalised learning journey for each child.

We encourage the sharing of cultures and experiences between the members of our community—children, families, and staff—to foster a strong sense of belonging. We aspire for all who come to our Centre to feel accepted, supported, and respected physically, emotionally, and culturally. We promote confident parenting, and provide support and guidance when appropriate.

In our aspiration for excellence, we believe in the ongoing professional development of our staff and offer opportunities in line with their professional goals.

Our Programs

The Early Learning Centre has six rooms, each catering to a specific age range, in addition to multiple Kindergarten rooms. The rooms are geared to the children’s stage of development and qualified, dedicated staff provide developmentally appropriate programs designed to nurture each child’s physical,
social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and creative development.

The Walker Learning Approach supports our Centre’s programs to ensure a focus on personalised learning for each child and the development of strong relationships between the children and their educators.

Discoverers (From 6 weeks)

From their earliest days, babies are discovering things about themselves and the world around them. They learn through sensory play in a well-resourced environment that stimulates their development. Caring staff follow the necessary routines to ensure a smooth transition for each child from home to the Centre.

Explorers (From 12 Months)

For toddlers, play is the way they learn about themselves and the world. Through their explorations, they begin to master many fundamental physical, social and intellectual skills and concepts. Qualified staff foster this play in a nurturing environment, giving children the confidence to explore and grow.

Investigators (From 15 Months)

Children learn by doing. At this stage of their development, children will be offered high quality play experiences that support their natural quest to find out ‘why’. The planned activities allow them to investigate new concepts and give them opportunities to be responsible, to make choices and to be challenged in the friendly play-centred program.

Venturers (From 18 Months)

As children grow, they continually venture into the unknown. This is how they learn about their world and the people and things within it. The Lead Educator provide a variety of engaging and stimulating experiences to encourage the children to meet challenges, use their initiative and build a healthy self-esteem.

Creators (From 30 Months)

The world of play develops into planned and experimental exploring, problem-solving, imagining and creating. As relationships develop with their peers, children are encouraged to make play safe, just and equitable for all participants.

Inventors (From 36 Months)

As children develop the capacity to pretend, their imagination enables them to invent a fictional world where they can explore roles and relationships. Through such experiences, friendship groups are formed, power relationships are negotiated and life experiences are examined. Such symbolic play is crucial in supporting children’s developing early literacy skills.

Kindergarten Program (3.5 Years +)

Daily Program

As children progress through their early childhood years, they undertake a journey of discovery. Each day in the play-based early childhood program brings exciting new experiences which gradually build their understanding of the world and their place in it, and develop their confidence to participate in this world.

The daily program is structured to include both indoor and outdoor play, group and individual activities, teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, plus supervised meal times and rest time for all children, according to their age and requirements. 

The Early Learning Centre operates a Queensland Approved Kindergarten Program which follows the Kindergarten curriculum focusing on child-centred activities which foster identity.

Starting Kindy Calculator

Your child can attend kindy in the year they turn 4 years old by 30 June. Use the kindy calculator to help you determine your child’s start year.

Date of Birth Kindergarten Prep
July 2018 - June 2019 2023 2024
July 2019 - June 2020 2024 2025
July 2020 - June 2021 2025 2026
July 2021 - June 2022 2026 2027
July 2022 - June 2023 2027 2028


The Early Learning Centre incorporating Kindergarten operates an approved service under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2011. The Centre is meeting the national quality standard regarding activities, programming, staff qualifications and child-staff ratios according to the current legislation.

Assessments of the service are conducted by the regulatory authority – the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) – against the National Quality Standard and National Law to ensure that the quality of education and care is being maintained. 

Hours of Operation

The Centre is open from 7am to 6pm. It is closed on weekends and public holidays, and there is a three-week closure around Christmas each year. The dates of the closure depend on when Christmas falls.


Amazing professionalism. The staff takes great pride in their jobs and it is clear that they care. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for other early learning centres. My child began feeling anxious and upset. Within a few weeks, he now enjoys his time in day-care. There are special programs to keep kids occupied and learning. A first-class centre.

– Kai Yang Chen

My 1-year-old daughter is currently in the discoverer’s room at the ELC. Her teachers are absolutely fantastic! They have been excellent helping her settle in and supporting her to feel safe and secure. I would not send her anywhere else!

– Kaylee Smith