Congratulations State Champions – for the second year in a row we can say we are the best rowing school in Queensland!
by Kim Brown – Rowing Coach

The 3 days of competition, ever-changing conditions, and gruelling heat were no match for our Cathedral athletes. I could not be prouder of our athletes’ attitudes, teamwork, and comradery, they banded together to ensure everyone was supported no matter the results. With our dedicated athletes overcoming challenges and working together as a team we have arrived safely home with 10.5 Gold, 6.25 Silver, and 2.75 Bronze bringing us to a total of 19.5 medals. 6 more gold than any other school!

As we all come down from the high that has been the last few days, I would like to start with a few special thank you. Firstly, a big thank you to Terri Talbot for agreeing to come along and assist with the supervision of the kids, you were amazing! Another big thank you to Jacob Groves and Shaun Keough for driving the trailer to Bundaberg and back, without these two coaches we would not have had boats to row. Thank you to the coaches for all their hard work and effort in the lead-up to states and to all the coaches that came on the trip. Without our brilliant coach’s passion for the sport, we would not be where we are today. And finally, thank you to our committed rowers, your passion, commitment, and dedication to the sport have really shone through the weekend with all your hard work and training paying off. 

Congratulations to our senior rowers who celebrated their last regatta under the Cathedral banner and Congratulations to our junior year 8 rowers competing in their first ever state regatta, I hope you have fallen more in love with the sport and that you will continue to build your passion through your senior years. 

I would like to highlight some of our outstanding results:

Gold 🥇
Schoolgirls Single Skull – Sarah S
Year 10 Girls Double Skull – Courtney D and Rosa N
Year 8 Boys Double Skull – Jeshua C and Chad A
Year 9 Boys Double Skull – Ethan W and Braden R 
Schoolboys Single Skull – Micah T
Schoolgirls Pair – Sarah S and Abigail C
Schoolgirls Double – Steffi S and Sarah S 
Year 10 Boys Four – Aiden B, Darcy H, Henry C, Nathan W, and Cox Nicholaas G
Year 10 Girls Single Skull – Courtney D 
Schoolboys Quad Skull – Micah T, Ashton P, Thomas A, Jarrah M and Cox Trinity B

Silver 🥈
School Girls Quad Skull – Steffi S, Sarah S, Abigail C, Isabelle E, and Cox Trinity B
School Boys Pair – Micah T and Ashton P 
School Boys Double Skull- Micah T and Ashton P
Year 8 Boys Double Skull – Ryan Y and Hamish W
Year 10 boys Double Skull – Nathan W and Charlie P 
Year 8 Boys Quad Skull – Ryan Y, Jeshua C, Chad A, Hamish W, and Cox Alexander C

Bronze 🥉
Year 10 Boys Quad Skull- Henry C, Darcy H, Charlie P, Nathan W, and Cox Nicholaas G 
Year 8 Boys Single Skull – Jeshua C

Also a shout out to our athletes in the Northerns crews earning themselves 
Gold 🥇 in the under 19 girls crew – Abigail C, Sarah S, and Trinity B
Silver 🥈 in the under 19 boys crew – Micah T
Bronze 🥉 in the under 17 boys crew – Darch H, Henry C, Nathan W, and Bjorn H

We had so many amazing athletes make the finals; this is an absolute credit to you – narrowly missing out on medals by less than a second in some cases but always keeping your head up high and congratulating those around you! Another shout-out goes to our year 8 and 9s battling conditions and always showing up to help the athletes on and off the water. I know you may not have walked away with the results you wanted but your resilience, teamwork, and positive attitudes are a true credit to you, I hope you keep training hard and reaching for those goals!

I hope you all have a well-deserved rest. 

Kind regards 

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