Another Sensational Win For Team Cathedral

It was another sterling performance by The Cathedral School Rowing Team at this year’s Head Of The River Regatta in Townsville, winning overall school, and bringing home three of the four oars. The team delivered a swag of medals and capped off a magnificent career for retiring Head Coach, Stephan Muhlenberg.

After 21 Finals, the team finished with:

11   x    First Place
13   x    Second
8     x     Third
7     x     Fourth
7     x     Fifth

Rowing Co-ordinator’s Report

“This regatta was one of our biggest point scorers with some finals of 3, 4, or 5 Cathedral crews/rowers. Everyone really gave it their all. I am always so impressed with the back-to-back racing of many of our rowers and the way they approach this challenge. What we find is that at States, when races are spread over three days our rowers are well prepared to do well, their endurance showing.

Well done to the Open Girls eight, you looked smooth and won convincingly. I think this will be the strongest girls eight heading off to States since the 2008 crew, which came 5th in the States final and was hot on the heels of the Big Brisbane Girls schools.

I was also so proud of the Boys Open Eight who raced a very tight race and gave their all to try to bring home the fourth trophy Oar for the day for Cathedral. I know how disappointed they were. We can’t win all the time and Grammar has put a lot of effort and priority on their Eight this year.

Well done also to the second Boys eight who came a healthy second and due to illness included three Year 9 rowers. Great Heart boys !

Those invited to row at State will have been sent their eCat invitation today. Only those students going to States, will now train in the lead up to States. This includes one Eight 8 boys quad, two Year 8 girls quads, two Year 9 Boys quads, a Year 10 boys double, Five Year 11 Boys and the Girls Eight. States is always about taking your strongest crews, and doubling up in some year groups where there is depth.

Work hard for those rowing on. If you are not, well done for your local season and your commitment to the program. Everyone should be so proud of TEAM CATHEDRAL.”

Regards, Katrina Wilshire.

Thank you to Photography Contributors: Trudy Stewart & Katrina Wilshire.

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