Congratulations to Chatham House, winning the Middle School Swimming Carnival for 2023, with Langton taking home the House Spirit Award.

Senior School results:

1st Chatham 653, 2nd Bede 600, 3rd More 591, 4th Langton 394.

House Spirit Award – Langton

Age Champion

12 Year Girl 1. Harpa Miles M, 2. Zoe Lyster C

12 Year Boy 1. Curtis Hunn B, 2, Noah Shiells C

13 Year Girl 1. Emma McMahon M, 2. Lara Burgers C

13 Year Boy 1. Oskar Bourne C, 2. Lucas Goodwin B

14 Year Girl 1. Estella Smith C, 2. Maddie Hernandez L

14 Year Boy 1. Aidan Frizzell B, 2. Dale Humphreys C

15 Year Girl 1. Millie Irving C, 2. Equal Halle Burgers C, Lara Cavanagh M

15 Year Boy 1. Jeshua Cronje M, 2. Equal Jayden Porter M, Chad Appelcryn B

A special thank you to the P&F Association for providing food and drinks at the event.

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